January 2019 ::: FAQ of the Moment

What is the 401(k) contribution limit?

January 2019 ::: FAQ of the Moment

What is Automatic Enrollment?

January 2019 ::: FAQ of the Moment

Are Roth 401(k) contributions allowed?

January 2019 ::: FAQ of the Moment

How does PPA 2006 affect my 401(k) Plan?

January 2019 ::: FAQ of the Moment

What is a Safe Harbor Plan?

January 2019 ::: News

The Department of Labor and the Internal Revenue Service mandates that all eligible employees be notified of their right to participate in your company's retirement plan. They must be given written information about the plan and must complete and sign an enrollment form indicating whether or not they will be participating in the plan.

Remember, Employer Contributions must be made by the due date of your corporate tax returns on extension to be tax deductible.

January 2019 ::: News

The Department of Labor (DOL) is taking a very firm position that employee 401(k) salary deferrals and employee loan repayments must be transferred from the Employer to the Plan’s Investment Trust as soon as administratively feasible. The DOL has said that their definition of "as soon as administratively feasible" is the same day that the Employer makes payment of an employee’s payroll.



  • Nationwide's Website: http://www.nationwide.com/investments-and-retirement.jsp
  • Please click here to find out how to set up participant access to your account on Nationwide's website.
  • Nationwide Inquiry Line: 1-800-772-2182
  • For first time users on Nationwide's Inquiry line, your default PIN number is 1234


  • Hartford's Website: http://retire.hartfordlife.com
  • Click "Online Access", then enter your user ID (Social Security Number), and PIN. The PIN will be mailed to you after your successful enrollment in the plan.
  • Hartford Customer Service Center: 1-800-339-4015


  • ING's website: http://www.ingretirementplans.com
  • Click "Log In", then enter your User Name and Password. If you have not yet set up your User Name and Password, click on "First Time Users".
  • ING Customer Service Center: 1-800-262-3862

American Funds

  • American Funds Website: http://www.americanfunds.com/retire
  • Click on "My Account", then enter your Social Security Number and your PIN.
  • American Funds Customer Service Center: 1-877-833-9322

John Hancock New York

  • John Hancock New York's Website: http://www.jhancocknypensions.com
  • If you have not registered before, click on "Enroll Now", then "Register Now", and see your Plan Administrator for your Contract Number and Contract Access Code.
  • John Hancock New York Customer Service Center: 1-800-395-1113


If your account is not with any of the above companies, please see your Plan Administrator to find out how to access your account.



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