May 2018 ::: FAQ of the Moment

What is the 401(k) contribution limit?

May 2018 ::: FAQ of the Moment

What is Automatic Enrollment?

May 2018 ::: FAQ of the Moment

Are Roth 401(k) contributions allowed?

May 2018 ::: FAQ of the Moment

How does PPA 2006 affect my 401(k) Plan?

May 2018 ::: FAQ of the Moment

What is a Safe Harbor Plan?

May 2018 ::: News

The Department of Labor and the Internal Revenue Service mandates that all eligible employees be notified of their right to participate in your company's retirement plan. They must be given written information about the plan and must complete and sign an enrollment form indicating whether or not they will be participating in the plan.

Remember, Employer Contributions must be made by the due date of your corporate tax returns on extension to be tax deductible.

May 2018 ::: News

The Department of Labor (DOL) is taking a very firm position that employee 401(k) salary deferrals and employee loan repayments must be transferred from the Employer to the Plan’s Investment Trust as soon as administratively feasible. The DOL has said that their definition of "as soon as administratively feasible" is the same day that the Employer makes payment of an employee’s payroll.


Various Distribution Forms

If you would like to take money out of your plan, please complete the appropriate form online, then print the form and submit to your employer. The company specific forms all need Trustee signature. Please check with your Plan Administrator to make sure that you are eligible to take any kind of distribution from your plan.

Special Tax Notice – You are required to receive the Special Tax Notice when you take a distribution. You should make sure to read this thoroughly before processing your distribution. Please refer to this notice when completing your form.

Spousal Consent Form – If your distribution is over $5,000, you may need to complete this form whether or not you are married. All signatures must be notarized. Please see your Plan Administrator for more information.

Hardship Distribution Fact Sheet – If you do not qualify for a loan, or you need more money than your maximum loan allows, it is possible that you can take a Hardship Distribution. Please read this Fact Sheet, and, if you think you qualify, see your Plan Administrator. Note that if you are eligible for a loan, you must take the maximum loan before taking a Hardship Distribution.



Application for Benefits – For terminated employees
Notice of Participant Loan or Hardship
Application for Benefits for In-Service Withdrawals

Mass Mutual (formerly Hartford)

Mass Mutual Loan Request Form – If your plan allows for the automated request feature, you must dial the Hartford Customer Service Center at 1-800-339-4015.  If your plan does not allow for automated loans, please contact your employer.

To access the Mass Mutual distribution forms, please log onto your account. The forms can be found under Forms and Manuals.


ING Withdrawal Form
ING Spousal Consent Form

Request for LOANS, Hardships and In-Service Distributions

American Funds

American Funds Recordkeeper Direct Retirement Plan Payment Instructions for terminated employees.

Request for LOANS, Hardships and In-Service Distributions

To process a loan, see your Plan Administrator

John Hancock New York

If your plan assets are with John Hancock New York, please contact your plan administrator for details on how to receive a distribution of your funds.


Sun Life (now The Hartford, formerly MFS)

Sun Life Distribution Form

Request for LOANS, Hardships and In-Service Distributions



MetLife Annuity Surrender Request and TPA

Request for LOANS, Hardships and In-Service Distributions


If your plan assets are not with one of the above companies, please see your Plan Administrator for the proper forms.




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