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Thank you for working with United Benefit Pensions Inc. The best way for UB Pensions to create the Plan Design is by completing and emailing a census to us. We need: Name; Date of Birth; Date of Hire; Compensation and please indicate who we are trying to benefit and any employees that work under 1000 hours.  Any format is fine and we have attached a pdf and excel from that can be used.

For new business, please contact:

Paul Carmichael, President, 631-622-3170 X309 or


Jason Evert, New Business Manager, 631-622-3170 X305 or

Paul or Jason will be glad to review the best design and the process of implementing or transferring a Plan with UB Pensions. We will be glad to participate in any conference calls and client meetings.

Employee Census Data Sheet

PDF Version of the Employee Census Data Sheet

Employee Census Data Sheet

Excel Version of the Employee Census Data Sheet


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